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Connor Freeman is the son of one of the original clones of Jango Fett who escaped Kamino in order to have a family. Count Dooku however, hired Jango to take down the clone deserter on the planet Atzerri. Jango killed the clone and discovered his wife and Connor hiding nearby. He discovered Connor's name and decided to give Connor a large inheritance fund with enough money to get by.


He was created by Tom Taylor for the comic book volume Star Wars: Blood Ties

Major Story Arcs

Blood Ties

Years after his father was killed Connor used the money provided by Jango in a game of Sabacc. He beat a wealthy Sakiyan crime-lord named Tayand. Tayand accused Connor of cheating and ordered his men to open fire. Connor escaped but lost all his money and had a bounty placed on him by Tayand. Connor was first confronted in a cantina by a Gand bounty hunter who Connor shot. He fled the cantina only to find a group of bounty hunters calling themselves the "League of Bounty Hunters" were also trying to collect the bounty. Connor evaded the league but was knocked unconscious by Boba Fett.

Connor awoke to find Boba in a confrontation with the League of Bounty Hunters who believed that they should be the ones to collect the bounty because they found him first. Boba Fett proceeded to kill every member apart from the leader, Daquinn, and Yarttar. During the fight Connor once again escaped but was found once again by Fett who incapacitated Connor. Fett brought Connor back to his ship, Slave I. This time Connor awoke while Slave I was at a refueling station. Connor told Fett that he resembled Connor's father causing Fett to realize that Connor was most likely his genetic son. They began to argue then fight and Fett was shoved out of the ship. A ship piloted by the two remaining members of the League of Bounty Hunters flew in and destroyed the refueling station, taking out both Fett and Connor. Daquinn and Yartarr captured Connor and left Fett, believing him to be dead.

As Daquinn and Yartarr approached Tayand's home Connor managed to kill Yartarr and was preparing to do the same to Daquinn when Boba flew in and caught Connor. During the flight to Tayand's home, Connor explained why the bounty had been put on his head. Just as Tayand was about to pay Fett the bounty, Daquinn burst in claiming that the bounty should be his. Tayand refused to pay Daquinn but Fett decided to pay off Connor's 5,000 credit "debt". When Tayand refused Connor offered a 3 credit bounty on the crime-lord, a bounty Fett accepted. During the ensuing fight, Fett managed to release Tayand's pet Rancor and kill all of his assailants. Connor took as much credits from Tayand's stash as he could carry before returning to Atzerri where he used the money to buy a cantina.

Powers and Abilities

As the son of a clone, Connor had a natural skill with the use of blasters and was reasonably accurate with them.

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