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HYDRA Connelly was an agent of who paid a visit to former superhero Jessica Drew and offered her the chance to regain her powers if she in turn would serve HYDRA as a double agent within S.H.I.E.L.D.


Connelly was created by Brian Michael Bendis. He first appeared in The New Avengers #6 albeit off-panel. He made subsequent appearances also off-panel and obscured and didn't make a full appearance until Giant-Size Spider-Woman #1 where he was drawn by Rick Mays.

Character Evolution

Connelly was a recurring character during The New Avengers series. With regards to retcons during Secret Invasion, the true nature of Connelly is some what confused and unclear. It is possible he was a Skrull or possibly just a unwitting pawn of the Skrulls who sought to replace Jessica Drew with their queen.

Powers and Abilities

When Connelly first confronted Jessica Drew, the two fought and Connelly displayed the ability to fire some form of energy blasts from his hands. This ability was never seen again or referred to, it's likely that he received the same treatments that Drew would receive and the blasts themselves were similar to her "venom blasts".

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