Any fans?

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I just got one of the trade. Vol.1 and I got a bunch issues in a box of comics I found cheap but never got a chance to read. It looks interesting.

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I'm a huge fan of Concrete. He's the everyman comic hero. It really puts super abilities in perspective: what would you do if you were suddenly blessed (or cursed) with superhuman abilities and the body to match? When Ron is trapped with his friend in the alien ship, he thinks his new body is the greatest. His friend describes it as "living in a Sherman tank with a telephone." Whereas almost every comic out now thinks that mutations and bizarre humanoid forms are cool and somewhat commonplace, Concrete has to make a living out of being the lone oddity in the world. He gets to deal with a lot of things we don't see Superman dealing with too often: delighted fans, hate mail, complete kooks, and an ever changing cast of characters he interacts with. It gives him more of a minor celebrity quality instead of some all-powerful god or demon that so many other comics seem to grant their characters.

Put it to you this way: take a read and if you don't like it, I'll gladly buy the issues off you.

Yours in officedom,


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I recently discovered this at my local library, and I fking love it...I mean, really, here I was thinking that no one would ever top anything Alan Moore can do, and then I read some of this...and it's a serious contender for best comic series I've read. Right up there with Watchmen and V for Vendetta. What I like is that, so far, there don't seem to be any arch-foes, or other convenient accidents in the world to make for other superhuman freaks of nature. I also love that just because he attempts something doesn't really mean he'll make that much of a difference...the miner scene, as well as the attempt to swim across the ocean...I dunno, a bold contrast of fantasy and realism, and it blends perfectly. Hoorah!

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