'Conan' Still May Not Have A Lead?

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Will this film ever happen?

It was not until recently that I sat down and watched 'Conan the Barbarian,' for the first time, one of Arnold Schwazenegger's first film roles. For it's time, ' Conan' was innovative, interesting. You can even go so far as to say that it was (stylistically) epic, similar (in a way) to 'Lawrence of Arabia;' just not nearly as good, and not nearly as much dialogue. In fact, thinking back, I think 'Conan' probably has a total of 20 lines, 19 of which involve him screaming 'CROM!' Alright, that is a bit of an exaggeration, but I don't think that they picked "The Arnold" to play ' Conan' back in 1982 because of his stellar acting capabilities. Still, the film is a classic in it's own right, and like so many classic movies that should be left alone, this one (unfortunately) is soon to get a reboot, which we told you about back in August when we also reported that director Brett Ratner ( X-Men) had left the film, and Marcus Nispel had taken over as director.

Conan, which was supposed to have begun filming back in August of '09, has been pushed back twice from February of this year, to March. It seems Lionsgate is holding out for their perfect 'Conan,' since I think it would be relatively difficult to film a movie without having a lead. With only two months left to find themselves a star for the upcoming film and begin shooting, Nu Image/Millenium seemed to have narrowed it down to Kellan Lutz (Twilight) and Jason Momoa (Stargate: Atlantis). According to rumors, however, Jason Momoa was director Marcus Nispel's top choice, but both options were hacked by Lionsgate according to LatinoReview, and it seems that Nispel is back where he was in August, with no star for his film. They very well cannot shoot a 'Conan' movie without 'Conan!'

I am having my doubts about this film, considering it is only two months away from shooting, filming has been pushed back twice, and we have not really heard much about it's progress except that it lost Ratner as director last summer. I do, however, think this film could be better than the first 'Conan,' which I personally find good for comic relief, but one I do not consider as a contender for my personal list of greatest films of all time. Hopefully, this 'Conan' reboot will take from history (like the first one did with Genghis Khan) and develop 'Conan's' character. Afterall, if you want to remake the first film, you had better have new cards up your sleeve! Yes, I am talking to you, Liongate.

One great version of 'Conan,' was released this week by ' The Boys' artist Darick Robertson who wrote and penciled the ' Conan' one shot which was pretty awesome and one which you should consider picking up if you have not already. On that note, I leave you with one of the most thought provoking and moving moments in 'Conan,' period. 
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Conan the Barbarian was ok. Conan the Destroyer was great. 
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I'm not going to make a joke about there being a soon-to-be-free Conan. That would make me a terrible person.

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You know, I hear Conan O'Brian may need a job soon...

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Screw it tell me where the auditions are and I'll go try it out .I'm big enough, I already have the long dark hair and can work a sword. Let me give it a shot lol
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once again conan talks sence , classic clip.  Finding someone to replace arnie is a tough job

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Get Brock Lesnar for Conan. 
You see that guy and think he belongs back in time riding the biggest horse swinging the biggest mace 

Hollywood has a shortage of men over 6 feet.

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They have to choose Kellan Lutz!
He's perfect for the role!

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its not  often me and you disagree angel , but he just doesnt look mean enough. Conan should look like he could rip your arms and beat you to death with um lol

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waaaaaay too small and like lazystudent said he doesn't look mean enough.
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Someone with muscles like Arnie should be Conan. I dunno who could be as big as he was though.
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wrong. I'm pretty sure I'm stronger than that guy. You need someone whose like six ft tall 235 lbs preferrably not that well spoken and that aint a kellen lutz.
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@IrishX said:

" Conan the Barbarian was ok. Conan the Destroyer was great.   "

Dude those are fighting words. Conan is a classic film was some great subtext.  Destroyer is just made by committee junk.
Kellan Lutz is a cupcake.  Come on, Conan first and foremost has be a big guy.  That said with a good director and the right actor they could rock Conan. But when they are talking about  guys like Brett Ratner to direct the prospects don't look good.
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how about THE FREAKING ROCK like come on people DON'T YOU THINK THAT THE SCORPION KING LOOKS EVEN A BIT LIKE CONAN? seriously he's the perfect pick to play the barbarian
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 Dam Babs..... You were a little rough on one of my all time favorite movies there, but since you thought it was so humorous, you might get a kick out of this alternate version of the scene you posted.... (^_^) 

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I goddamn love the original Conan movie (hell, I love all things Conan) and I love the clip you posted Babs. An absolute classic moment. I've quoted it a few times in joking, it's great.
Anyways, no matter who they choose, he damn well better be right for the role. I don't want any Topher Grace/Eddie Brock type of miscasts here, alright? Arnold's can act but his acting wasn't exactly steller in the original but it fit and it worked. You don't need someone monumentally good for Conan. Just someone who fits.
Make it work, Lionsgate. Make it big, epic, personal, and action-packed and mysterious, like a good Conan movie should be. This shouldn't be very hard. Get good SFX, do Conan's origins, and then adapt one of the big Conan stories of your choosing. Boom, good Conan movie, done.

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@AngelFrost said:
"They have to choose Kellan Lutz!
He's perfect for the role!


He's freaking hot, but he's not buff enough to be Conan.
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I watched Stargate: Atlantis. I think Jason Momoa could play the role. He played a pretty tough and rough character, but he was a lot smarter then people gave him credit for. He's a pretty well built guy. Just not sure if he's 'Conan' big. Normally, the kind of guys who get that huge are pro wrestlers. There is Dwayne Johnson (The Rock). I thought he was good in The Rundown. He was absolutely hilarious in Be Cool. The Scorpion King was.........alright. More recently he' has seemed to isolate himself to family/kids movies.
From what I know of the actual Conan character. He was a Barbarian who hated magic. Which why it was odd when they made that Conan game they had him using magic, but that game was trying desperately to be a God of War clone.
To speak to your point about not having your lead so close to filming, Babs. Viggo Mortensen was not the first actor selected to play the role of Aragon in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The original actor left the project and Viggo was brought in very close to the time filming was set. It was his son who convinced him to take the role. He quickly needed to be trained in sword combat and horse riding.
Though, the Conan story hardly compares to the complexity of Tolkien's work. Really, how often do they ever make these sort of brainless violence movies? The God of War games are pretty much the peak of the hack and slash, but the stories still have a level of complexity and depth behind them.

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Triple H is Conan 










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glad theyre taking there time really. better than rushing it out half-assed like.

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A(or former) Wrestler should play as Conan... i say Rocky... Rocky... Rocky... The Lllllll LAOU Pie Eating... Jabroni Beating... Trail Blazing... Eye Brown Raising...  Simply Amazing... Most Electrifying Man In SPorts Entertainment... Dwayne Johnson... or Triple H... Goldberg... etc...

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i dont have faith in a remake, of conan. it would be to toned down so more people could see it, cause thats all that matters nowadays making money. as much as i would love to see a movie with a buff long haired dude with a sword covered in blood surrounded by naked women with dead guys all over the place, i doubt it will be good......wow i sound delightful in that sentence. they should remake highlander even though it still rocks today

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@Luthorcrow said:
" @IrishX said:

" Conan the Barbarian was ok. Conan the Destroyer was great.   "

Dude those are fighting words. Conan is a classic film was some great subtext.  Destroyer is just made by committee junk.  " 
The First was cool because it showed how he came to be but I just love the combo of Arnold and Wilt in the sequel.
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Who could replace Arnold, maybe nobody but hey I think Lesnar could do it he's big enough for the role.

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No one can play Conan right, I didn't like Arnie that much compared to the stories

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@FoxxFireArt said:
"Though, the Conan story hardly compares to the complexity of Tolkien's work. Really, how often do they ever make these sort of brainless violence movies? The God of War games are pretty much the peak of the hack and slash, but the stories still have a level of complexity and depth behind them. "
Conan doesn't have depth? Maybe not the depth found in any of Tolkien's works, but to say that it's just brainless violence is a bit of a stretch, I think. I mean, the movie had at least as much "depth and complexity" as God Of War does, considering how, down at their core, they're both revenge stories (GoW following the elements of a Greek tragedy, Conan following the elements of a "coming of age" tale).
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Check this actor out, he was one in the running but what I can't understand is why he is not the NUMBER ONE, he is perfect for CONAN!!!

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