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High Adventure!

I picked up this, my first Conan comic, on a whim. I was familiar with the character and was drawn to the purchase by the self-contained nature of Conan comics. No crazy storylines continuing in other books. My only apprehension was that Dark Horse's version of Conan may not have too much in common with Marvel's 70's sword-wielding hero. My concerns were laid to rest quickly. There's a certain elegance to the universe Conan inhabits, and anyone who even remotely enjoys fantasy, will find very little to dislike in this comic. It's the start of a brand new arc, so within a couple of pages you have all the info you need to plunge into the story. That's probably why Conan has been such a great character throughout the years. Musclebound barbarian with a sword, pretty much sums up the introduction you need. While there's more complexity to Conan or his world than meets the eye, at no point does it ever stray away from being anything, but new reader friendly. I was so taken in by this great comic, that I'd be more than happy to return to this series month after month.


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