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"The Tower of the Elephant" (Robert Ervin Howard)

Another adaption of a Robert Howard Conan story, heavily influenced by the work of HP Lovecraft, a contemporary of Howard's. We start of in Arenjun, thief city of Zamora. We are in a tavern and a fat dude telling everyone how to steal wenches. Someone asks him about the charms of his captive that he stole for money and the Kotharian mentions Elephant Tower and who should show up to ask ? Why our favorite Cimmerian does Conan. So they all start to talk about the tower and the guard and the jewels and treasure inside. So the fat Kotharian gets offended and he and Conan have a bar brawl.

Conan wins, killing the Kotharian. Our barbarian walks to the tower. While we see just inside of it is the priest Yara who yells at the guard for not knowing he was outside and wanting in. We see the priest let in but we also see him floating, feet not touching the ground. Conan is outside scaling a wall. It appears he is on the inside gate to the tower. While running he trips over the lifeless corpse of the guard just killed minutes ago by a thief named Taurus of Nemedia. the prince of thieves as he is known by. Taurus wonders why Conan is there too and Conan says to steal a jewel called The Elephant's Heart. So the two team up to get the jewel. However there is a trap outside. Deadly quiet lions. Taurus blows powder from the black lotus that knocks the lions unconscious or dead. Taurus throws the grappling hook up and it catches. Trouble though one of the lions wakes up Conan is fighting it and after defeating it they climb up the tower.

They make it to the top and as Conan looks for more guards. Taurus leaves Conan to go inside. Conan goes to the now closed door and hear Taurus's cries. Door opens and Tarus is dead. Conan goes inside and sees gems and riches strewn about the room. He is then struck as a giant spider hits him with its venom. Conan lifts a small box of gems and throws it at the large spider killing it. Conan finds a hidden door and goes inside it. It has statue of a green person maybe a deity. However it opens it eyes and is a green elephant. It talks to Conan and tells him of other worlds. These alien elephants flew all over space until they reached earth. For once they did their wings withered and they were forced to live here. They fought monsters and watched Atlantis sink into the ocean. The elephant is the last of his breed here. He taught Yara the priest who in turn betrayed him.

The elephant named Yag-Kosha wants Conan to kill him and then take the heart of the elephant gem to the room where Yara is sleeping and kill him and flee. So Conan kills the green pachyderm and takes the jewel, which is now blood red. He takes it to where Yaya is and goes to do Yag's last wish. He places it in front of Yara, chanting the words Yag told him to say to Yara and watch as the jewel shrinks Yara down and pulls him towards the jewel where it pulls him in and devours him. Inside the jewel Conan sees Yara but he also sees Yag who has wings again and can see where he meets Yara and inside they fly off and disappear as does the jewel too. The tower starts to shake and Conan flees to the outside where he sees the tower collapse.

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I've Never Seen A Green Elephant Fly 0

What can I say about this issue. Aliens and swords weird concept here. Conan wants a jewel and goes after it. I'm not sure how long the written story is but this seems like a condensed version of it. I mean here we are  at an inn and then we are at the tower and bam Conan is inside and listes to the elephant andkills him and does his bidding. An d then it's done ok. Roy did an ok and Barry's art seemsrushed and busied. If you like this story collect or read this I think for me too much going on ...

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