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King Conan summons Prince Con and narrates him his story

Conan old and now a King of Aquilonia summons his son Con and begins to narrate his ancestor's stories and how he got to be what he is now.

In a field a Cimmerian ancestor of Con fights with an Aesir barbarian Baelin. Suddenly a Witch sending a pack of winged demons interrupts their duel making them join forces. They prevail and the Witch makes her demons retreat. Later the jealous witch tries to grow dishonesty between the two men. She tries to make Conan's ancestor kill Baelin and when she fails she morphs one demon into his form and sends him to kill her. When he does Baelin is turned against Conan who at the same time not knowing what happened decides to leave his camping grounds. Conan on his way north meets up and saves a fellow Cimmerian's life. He takes him to his camp. At the same time they leave Baelin following Conan gets to the scene and helps a Vanir man who survived the attack and saves him.

Conan and his fellow Cimmerian reach the camp and meet with his wife, an Aesir. She tells Conan she had a sister that she lost. Coincidentally that same sister is the Vanir man's wife. The Witch watching the scene morphs herself to her and seduces Baelin. Back in the camp Conan leaves to do battle and the Cimmerian follows him despite being injured and weak from last night. They fight bravely but the Cimmern gets wounded and dies. Then Conan gets back to the woman who announces that she is pregnant. Baelin returns to his camp to find out that the woman he loves has apparently lost her mind after the witch took her form destroying her spirit.

After some time the Cimmerian's wife breeds a child who grows up to become a fierce warrior like his father. One day during combat they meet with Baelin. He remembers all the hardships he thinks the Cimmerian caused him and joining him in battle kills him. His son flees the scene and Baelin gets ready to kill him when the ground beneath him caves in killing him instead. Then the Cimmerian visits his wife's house only to witness the birth of his son... Connan the Cimmerian himself!

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