dark_noldor's Conan the Barbarian #12 - The Death, Part Three review

The many faces of Death

Conan is in despair,drinking what he cannot change,but in the shadows of the pub, not only pain and tragedy lurks, since there's hope delivered by a strange woman and a promise to save the Tigress' crew. Wood's narrative colors Conan not only as the barbarian, the relentless fighter, whose will, drenched in his enemies' blood, is unprecedent and unchecked, no, Wood paints Conan as a zealous and worrying man, someone who is willing to fight and not give up in name of his love. But Wood also plays with the significance and meaning of the "Death", that it could be the virulent disease that has spread on the Tigress, the grave concern of Belit's health or something else, more dire,more deep,that could affect Conan in his very core.The narrative here is a ludic game,where Wood circumvets, giving adjectives, going round and round, filling Conan with several tones of qualities, bravery, strenght, his harsh manners, but also a gentle spirit that embraced love. This was, perhaps, the best issue so far of this new series, where Shalvey's art fullfilled all the promises of bloodshed and a silver lining arising, a story of never letting go, a tale of conquering the impossible, Conan had his share of killing in this issue, mostly single handed killed several men who were trying to capture Belit, but most of all, it's an issue where we see that all Conan's conquests may have an end that will displease him profoundly.


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    ''The Death'' comes to an end. Which I must say was a clever play of words by writer Brian Wood. The last few pages enlighten us of the true meaning behind N'Yaga's sinister prediction. Declan Shalvey's art perfectly conveyed Conan's emotions throughout this issue, most notably when the schaman's words comes back to haunt him near the end. By that point we see him slowly, and reluctantly, realize that the cherished moments and adventures spent with the Tigress crew and his beloved Bêlit will soo...

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