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Reprinted in:

- Conan Saga (Marvel 1987) #1,

- Conan Classic (Marvel 1994) #1,

- Essential Conan (Marvel 2000) #1.

THE COMING OF CONAN! Come with us to the HYBORIAN AGE. That is the first words to this comic. We see Our hero/barbarian on the splash page sword in hand and a lovely blonde sitting near his left knee.

We start in summer in Vanaheim. A battle is being waged by raiding Aesirs with the defending Vanirs and of course Conan is in the middle of this too. He is in his youth at this time and he sees an Aesir being attacked and here he decides that it is not to do with him because he has earned his gold. But why let 3 jackels live? His response, By Crom they should not and by crom they shall not. You know what happens next. He takes a swipe with his sword and kills 2 helping Olav of Aesgaard. The Vanirs flee leaving Conan and his party some time to heal wounds and bury the dead ones.Olav talks strategy with Conan and why he joined his side. Meanwhile the retreating Vanirs are left to their own accord. The leader Volff and his aide Hothar leave the rest to be slaughtered and run into a cave with glowing green light and an old man and young girl inside the old man has been waiting for the surprised duo.

They are very leary and the old man introduces himself as Sharkosh the Shaman and tells them not to fear him. As they listen to him a green jewel he calles a star stone has told him of their coming and it is in need of a young warrior and they believe it is Conan and also concers the handmaiden by Sharkosh's side. They agree and Sharkosh utters a spell and the jewel starts to light up brighter. Meanwhile Conan and Olav and crew attack the Vanir camp. But the attackers see a demon horde crew in the sky. The trio attack both groups with one of the demons killing poor Olav. So of course Conan attacks the creature to avenge his fallen leader. Only he is swooped up and then dropped onto a snow piled peak and the Cimmerian is knocked out cold.

An eternity later he finally wakes up in the arms of a woman we met earlier her name is Tara. She tells Conan that his coming was fortold by the star-stone. With that she tells him to be silent as a ceremony begins. The shaman then asks the stone to tell him more and a vision it does show. It shows Kull and Atlantis being destroyed and a birth of a baby we all know as Conan. The shaman demands to see more and the stone shows him the pyramids and men in space. Volff is yelling at him to stop for he thinks its driven him mad. Conan has broken his cell. He is running to the star-stone and picks it up and throws it and appears to have broken it. Conan flees with Tara in his arms . However it is revealed as she sprouts wings. Conan was needed to take her place in the star-stone so that she may stay on earth She disappears and everyone else in the cave died. Conan walks the nightly hills .

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This being the first issue it wasn't that bad. Sometimes words drag on and action is non existant. This one however is fine. Roy Thomas writing is super her and Barry Smith's art  fits well. I hate to repeat myself but when art mixes well with the story it really works and I truley believe the 70's and 80's writers and artists blended so well together now today you get teams that last for 6-12 issues maybe not much longer. The issue introduces up to Conan and a vision of him being a king during ...

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