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Computo was created by Brainiac 5 to be his assistant, but instead it attempted a machine revolt, and tried to destroy all humanoid lifeforms, including the Legion of Super-Heroes.


Computo was created by Jerry Siegel and Curt Swan

Character Evolution

Sliver Age

Computo (Silver Age)

Computo created an army of robotic duplicates of itself and terrorized Metropolis. Computo redesigned itself to take on the Legionnaires. It became known as Computo the Conqueror and sent a signal to all off-world Legionnaires, in order to lure them into a trap. When the Legion returned, Computo created a weapon to neutralize the Legionnaires powers. Computo turned the Legion clubhouse against them, turning it into a walking automaton. Computo killed one of Triplicate Girl's bodies in battle. Brainiac 5 defeated Computo, by using a device that was discovered in the ruins of the Batcave.

Danielle Foccart

Danielle being possessed by Computo

Years later, Brainiac 5 used elements of Computo's original circuitry in order to cure young Danielle Foccart, sister of Jacques Foccart. Computo possessed her mind, and turned the entirety of Legion Headquarters against the Legionnaires. Computo was defeated when Jacques took the formula invented by deceased Legionnaire Invisible Kid. Some time later, Brainiac 5 succeeded in removing Computo from Danielle, only to have it explode Legion Headquarters, and then rebuild and redesign it as Brainiac 5 tamed the program to become the majordomo of Legion Headquarters in a redesigned body.

Return Computo

Computo II

A while later, an army of Computo replicas, attacked Matter-Eater Lad's home planet of Bismoll, but were defeated by Tenzil and the Legion of Substitute Heroes. Sometime later, after he resigned from the Legion, Brainiac 5 built Computo a more organic form to house it's programming, which looked like a tiny Validus.

Five Years Later

Danielle codenamed Computo (Five Year Later)

A Danielle teenager became a members of Legion"Batch SW6" clones. Danielle had acquired the ability to communicate with and control computers by psionically interfacing with them. It is unclear if this ability developed as a result of her possession by the Computo. Danielle took the code name Computo.

Reboot / Earth-247

C.O.M.P.U.T.O. (Earth-247)

Brainiac created Computo while staying in the 20th Century. He made Computo using a Metal Men responsometer, a Mother Box and a Legion Omnicron, various devices from across time and space, each with unique properties ranging from nuclear powered microprocessors to actual sentience. The sentient Computo went rogue, however, and attacked Superman, Young Justice and the Legion. Once defeated, Computo launched itself into deep space and, over the centuries, created a haven for abandoned machine life called the Machinekind Heaven of Robotica. By the 31st Century, Robotica began its eradication of all "organics" (human beings) for their treatment of machine life over the millennia and planned to take over the Earth.

Computo took the disguise of Mr Venge, a member of Ra's Al Ghul's Presidential Over Watch, and captured Brainiac 5.1. After Brainiac 5.1 lured Computo into a unique stasis field, the sentient intelligence evolved into a completely new lifeform and, seeing the error of its vengeful ways, ended Robotica's siege on Earth.


C.O.M.P.U.T.O. was hinted as the global network of articial intelligence than existed in Yod-Colu, an analog to earth's Internet and it was corrupted by Vril Dox in the 21st century and used as his own personal computer to take over a city of Colu and put it in a bottle. After that, Yod-Colu was destroyed.

Powers and Abilities


His artificial intelligence and access to 30th/31st century technology allows Computo to several abilities, including: machine control, telecomunications, teletranspot, and an ample array of other abilities. However his artificial mind is vulnerable to reprograming.

Other Versions

In the elseworld tale Superboy's Legion, the earth is under the constant vigilance of an antificial intelligence called Universo, which acted in similar ways as the original Computo.

Other Media


Superman & the Legion of Super-Heroes

In the Legion of Super-Heroes animated cartoon, Computo acts as the computer operating Legion headquarters.

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