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In his continuing battle against the wicked forces of Termight's mad tyrant Torquemada, alien freedom fighter Nemesis the Warlock is joined by his bloodthirsty son Thoth and war robots the ABC Warriors for a nightmarish adventure across the terrifying Time Wastes.

Collects the stories:

  • Ego Trip (2000AD prog 430)
  • Vengeance of Thoth (2000AD progs 435-445)
  • Torquemurder (2000AD progs 482-487, 500-504)
  • Torquemada the God (2000AD progs 520-524)
  • A Bedtime Story (2000AD prog 534)
  • The Two Torquemadas (2000AD progs 546-557)
  • A Day in the Death of Torquemada (2000AD Annual 1984)
  • Torture Tube (Diceman Issue 1)
  • Forbidden Planet (2000AD Sci-Fi Special 1987)
  • Torquemada's Second Honeymoon (2000AD Annual 1988)

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