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Lieutenant "Duke" Callahan, Yankee, was new to the desert war. He was tough - but green.

Lieutenant Bruce Wilson, Britisher, had been fighting sun, sand and Germans for a long time. He had plenty of toughness too - but he knew how to use it.

These two would have made a great team together. That was the idea. But they took to hating each other's guts - and when that happened that big desert just wasn't big enough.

Introduction by Calum Laird, Commando Editor

In every Commando story it's a given that there's a war going on. The other given is that's very unlikely to be the main conflict in the tale. Somewhere the characters will be at loggerheads; if they're on the same side and come to blows so much the better.

Lurking behind Ken Barr's cover art is just such a story, well realised from a Clegg script in strong black-and-white by early regular Commando artist Bielsa. Some of his tank edges look sharp enough to cut you as you read. And reading is what you're supposed to do.

So if you fancy a sparring contest in the desert, this is one for you.







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