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Commander Troga is a leader of a warship that is combing space in search of a being called the Captive. Troga learns that the Captive landed in a meadow on Earth belonging to a farmer named Jim Hendricks. The farmer would contact Captain America to investigate the UFOs and aliens appearing on his property. Captain America and Jim Hendricks would fight off a Stalker and a Combatron sent by Troga to eliminate Captain America. Troga would send down a group of inorganics called Magnoids to capture the Captive. Captain America would later discover the dark secret of the Captive when it revealed its true origin as a space parasite after it drained the life-force of the farmer. Captain America managed to stun the Captive with a shield throw when it started to grow larger in size as the Magnoids board his ship. The Magnoids overwhelmed the Captive and restrained him in steel bindings. The Captive was placed into his own vessel and Commander Troga activated the rays of the light-year sling. Commander Troga had the vessel transported into a flaming star called Epsilon Four where the Captive appeared to have perished after the star went nova and exploded. 


Commander Troga was created by Jack Kirby in 1976 and first appeared in Captain America Annual # 3.

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