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Guillaume Courage  was a Lieutenant-Commander of the Belgian military. He was involved in techo-organics experiments, designed to create cyborgs with werewolf-based abilities. He initially worked with Dr. Meyer Herzog. But Herzog tried the technology on himself and became a savage beast. Worst, it was still unstable and killed him. Courage next hired Dr. Jennifer Nyles, high school sweetheart of the Beast, to perfect the technology. She worked on methods to reprogram the mind of the subjects. 
Courage kept providing Nyles with available bodies of recently deceased humans. That he was responsible for their deaths was kept secret. Wishing for more powerful "Wereborgs", Courage went after the Red Ghost. He defeated the villain and abducted his Super Apes, delivering them to Nyles for transformation. However Herzog had implanted Courage with his own version of the technology. The Commander found himself repeatedly entering a werewolf-like bestial state, performing vicious murders against his will. 
Increasingly irrational, Courage planned further a series of attacks on Nyles, the Beast (who was visiting her) and the released Red Ghost. He hired the Constrictor as a mercenary but quickly alienated him. His four enemies eventually discovered Courage was planning to reprogram political and industry leaders as obedient "Wereborgs". Then he planned to recreate mankind in his image.  
He transformed into a savage Wereborg for the final battle. He easily beat the Constrictor but was killed by the Red Ghost, who shoved metal through his chest.

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