Comics Code Authority defunct - Archie and DC both drop it

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Both DC Comics and Archie Comics are to stop using the Comics Code Authority badge, putting an end to the CCA. Bongo dropped it last year. 

Archie Comics will abandon the use of the Comics Code Authority's rating system.

The CCA logo will cease to appear on the publisher's comics from February, reportsICv2.

Archie is the final publisher to make use of the rating system, effectively putting an end to the code that was set up following Congressional hearings in 1954.

"We have a great deal of respect for what the Comics Code Authority has stood for over the years, but at the end of the day, the final judge of our content is our readership," said Archie President Mike Pellerito.

"The CCA has never driven Archie's editorial direction. As we have for 70 years, we will continue to produce family-friendly, entertaining and relevant stories."

DC Comics announced its abandonment of the code earlier this week.
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okay, Archie I can understand but nobody's explained to me yet what DC books were under the code because it certainly wasn't any that I've read from the past ten to twenty years

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@aztek the lost:  If you check your copy of Action Comics 894, it right under the date.
Well the code was surely less strict in the last decade but hey it is still there under the # on a bunch of series (superman/action comics/batman/detective comics/ justice league of america) .Green Lantern dropped it just before Blackest Night.
Ah, if the CCA can't even tag Archie I guess it really over now.
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@Yumulu:  @aztek the lost: Yeah, it's on Batman #705 and Superman #706 as well, but not the following issues (which interestingly, also ditch the title logos in favour of just using the symbol they wear on their costumes).   
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comic codes was put down because parents in the past didn't want to see blood and violence.  Their were so many complaining moms back than and their still are about violence and blood. So DC and Marvel said to allow parents to let childeren buy our comic books lets put a code but they didn't have to. It was a way of making money by building a reputation. Since movies, cable and the internet is somehow  a excuse for these same parents to let their childeren watch blood and violence they want comic book companies have said we too should be allowed even if people do complain.
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@emptytomb: That's why video games have PEGI ratings and movies have BBFC ratings (those are the UK names for the ratings boards). Kids shouldn't have access to violent movies and games.
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Goodbye to a useless relic from a bygone era.


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