What is a "good" price to pay to get a comic graded/slabbed?

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 I have a friend that is looking to start a comic grading business.  He has been collecting for 30+ years, and is trying to find out if there is a market for a third grading company.

He believes that he can get the cost to grade and slab a book to about $5-7.  But, in order to save money, the "slab" would be a thinner (but just as sturdy) clamshell package - versus the thicker (and easily breakable) slab by CGC and PGX.

If the cost to slab was reduced to $5 per book, would you slab more of your comics?

If the slab was thinner than CGC/PGX, but still provided good protection, would you mind a thinner slab?

I understand that reputation is key, and that it would take some time to build up a good reputation, but that is another discussion...   Obviously if you had a Superman #1, you wouldn't send it to him.

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