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Kudos to NiteFly for creating this great resource.

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Thanks! It's a work in progress (obviously) but if anyone sees anything that needs to be added or errors to be fixed feel free. My goal was not to produce the be-all end-all grading guide, but some info to get the comic newbs on the site started in some of the concepts and terminology.

I'm thinking of doing a "Comic Book Care" page next. I may need to come up with a better name for it, but you get the idea.

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You're very welcome. I "collect" and I don't know any of that stuff. Mainly because I've only ever collected for the enjoyment of it, not for value. I'm sure I treat mine collection in ways that would make a collector gasp in pain. I treat my comics well, but if I feel like reading it, I pop it out and read it.

Again, good stuff.

Looking forward to your "Care and Non-Feeding of Comics" page.

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Looks good NiteFly. I like it.

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These are both great pages.

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Thanks guys! Feel free to contribute. I'd love to have other perspectives in addition to my own.

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sexy page... so many good pages lost somewhere on the site I can't find.

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