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Hello y'all.

Im trying to get my comic collection a little more... well modernized.

Unfortunately my local comic book store only sell comic bags, so everything els such as boxes and backing boards i need to order online.

So now im looking at a store who sells these kinds of stuff, but im getting confused, they sell some boxes they call magazine box and a comic box, what is the difference on those? And is backing boards really important?

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Magazines are bigger than comics.

Backing boards will help keep the comics straighter than without, and I find easier to remove and add to the boxes. It's up to you.

Just watch out with bags and boards that you select either current or silver age for both. Silver age are bigger, but I've heard a lot of people complain about the current bags being too tight. I usually have no issues with them.

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a hard drive 

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@Skunkstein: Comic size is important for boards as some are too large for modern comics (i.e comics published from the 80s 'til now), as jloneblackheart noted. It's best to use acid free backing boards (that are preferably acid free on both sides but this is not a necessity). Depending on your source, these should be changed between a range of 5-7 years.

As far as bags go, Mylar bags are the best bang for your buck as far as protection goes as, with proper maintenance, they'll last 100 years so once your books are bagged you won't have to re-bag them again. This saves you half a headache when it comes to upkeep which can really take a load off you when you're re-bagging lots of books.

I'd go with the comic boxes but also make sure they're acid-free as well. Just to reiterate, make sure your bags and boards match. I use egerber's mylite 2 standard sized bags as they fit all the comics in my collection. They are roomy for modern comics so if you don't like this you can order current sized bags from them. When using egerber, you have to order by phone, which is kinda weird nowadays but I've had good experiences with them so far. Mylar bags are also going to be a bit pricey so be prepared for that if you go that route. This site also sells mylar bags but I've not used them. : /

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