Need a little help here.. Read Please :)

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So I have been into collecting for like 8 months now and I have a little less then 500 books (until Christmas... :) and I have them all bagged and boarded. I bag all of my comics in the general bags (polysomethingorother lol) and I have recently read that they can wear down after a certain amount of time, so you need to change them. I have heard numbers of 3-5, 5-7, and 7-10 years per change. I looked into harder and found out about mylar bags and want to know people's experiences with them and roughly how much they cost because they can be expensive, and if they really work as well as they are supposed. If I get a good backing I might slowly switch my comics to mylar.

Oh and let me know what type you use... such as mylite 2 or 4 or the weird combo ones (forgot their name).

All help is welcomed and happy collecting and reading to all,


P.S.- If I don't post a thread or blog again this month, Happy Holidays to my Comic Book Brethren

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To save money, I don't use cardboard backing. I just put about 5 comics face down and 5 comics face up and put all 10 inside a large thin mylar bag. Then put them inside short comic book boxes which are not too heavy. There are large size mylar bags for treasury size comic books and just order all of the mylar plastic bags online to save money.

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Wow I have never heard of that method but it sounds cheap, but I like mine in single issue fashion but I stumble across a huge lot of unprotected books and cant afford to back them all then hell yeah that is effective... overall sweet idea!

Anyone else with their experiences? Has anyone had to change their poly bags yet?

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29 views and one comment.. Come on my Comic Book allies give me some or your advice :)

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Cheap plastic will release slimy chemicals after some years so have to use mylar plastic. If you have a large stack of low value comic books, just stack them all lying down inside a short comic box without using any plastic. Just pad the ends with some trade paperbacks.

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Makes sense... I found a deal only for 1000 mylar 2 mil bags for like 330 bucks or something like that and a combo 500 mylar 2s and thin x boards for like 250 or something around there, I might just save up and get that and just start buying in bulk when I get the chance (still need some advice my brothers if you please)... I'll save all my other bags and boards for temporary storage, like my reading stacks and or when I run out of bags and need more.

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For mylar plastic bags, try out a few types and sizes first to find out what type of thinness is convenient before buying in bulk. I prefer the thin mylar plastic which I find easier to use than the expensive stiff thick mylar plastic. Cardboard backing are also of many types and try a few first before buying in bulk.

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I know which boards to get its just these stupid bags lol I wish I didnt care so much about the appeal of my collection but I'm getting so hooked on the beauty that I need them to stay in the best condition possible lol but you have been a lot of help and I will definitely check out the options if I can.. I will look in my local shop to see if have any examples I can look at.. Yeah I was thinking the heavy ones for my important issues and the thin light ones for the other issues... Thanks you have been a big help :) But I will definitely have to check out which sizes I like best

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For thick stiff mylar bags, if they are too small size, they can bend the comics by accident when you are trying to push the comics inside the thick stiff mylar bags. For thick stiff mylar bags, have to get a size much larger than the comic book. For boards, there are white ones and non white ones. Some board manufacturers don't cut the boards evenly.

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Like I said I know the boards that I get are evenly cut, acid-free, and white so I'm good there and yeah I figured they would do that so I will only get the bigger sized, thicker mylar for my books that I want to get graded someday and so on

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I don't have a solution. I'm in the same boat as you.

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Well keep checking and hopefully all are questions will have obvious answers

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Mylars aren't really worth the money for all your books. I have a package of them that I save for books that I'm really proud of and whatnot but otherwise I just use resealable bags with standard current boards. Throw them in a short box and that's about it!

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If all your books are worth money, by all means use mylars though.

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Yeah well I was thinking like long term, like I would still have to replace the cheap reseals every like 5 years, where I could spend the extra couple bucks on some mylar thins for the books that dont mean as much/worth and get the thicker type for the valuable...

What size do you use for your valuable comics?

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I simply get what my comic supplier puts on the shelves, which is Polyethylene bags by Comic Defense (and the matching boards as well of course). That gives me 100 bags for $8.50 and the same for the boards. That's what I have been getting for years and I am happy with them. As for what you mentioned @Th3DarkKn1ght24. about the bags wearing out after a certain time period, I wouldn't worry about it unless you intend to sell in the future. I preserve comics for myself, because I love going back to old stories I love and re-read or to share, so if they become slightly discolored but are still eligible, I do not mind.

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Well see I'm a mixed collector, I like to read but I also like to keep them in the best shape possible because I am also into it for the collection value... Dont get me wrong I love reading but I love the thrill of getting top grade collection pieces and just looking at the beautiful covers... I think I decided to start using mylites 2 because I can order 1000 for 170 bucks so when I get the extra cash I'm gonna get it in order, and I will get thicker bags for my valuables and so the long run I rather not have to change the bastards for a little extra money now, rather then forking over double triple the money every so often

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Screw it I'll keep the poly until I'm out of college and have a real job and can blow the extra money updating my bags

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