Lining up comics perfectly in the comic boxes

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One of the things I have noticed is that the comics do not line up perfectly in the comic boxes. When you have 1 that is out of line with a few before and behind it, that one tends to get bent, but not creased. I can't figure out how I can perfectly align all the comics in a box so that I don't bend issues while they are in archival storage. (of note, it happens in long boxes and short boxes. I do fill the boxes with the appropriate amount so that they aren't ultra snug and can still be thumbed through if need be) These are the modern age comics, and they are all bagged and boarded.

Has anyone else dealt with this, or does anyone else have a solution?

Thank you!

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Anyone have any suggestions or ideas? I know this isn't only happening to me, as I see it at comic stores also. Surely there is a way to line up the comics in such a way that they are all equally inline....

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I don't have this problem?

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Really? I feel like it is me doing something wrong, but I cannot figure out what it is. It happens in short boxes and long boxes. I put all of the comics into the same bags/boards(whatever the current ones are, the ones that snugly fit the comics), and I line up same bags/boards with same bags/boards so they are all the same size. However the boxes aren't designed to fit the comic width precisely, since they are wider than the comics are. So when you put comics into the box, they don't always line up. One gets half a centimeter off, a few are lined up, ones off a little, etc. I put them all face up, facing the same direction, etc so I cannot figure out what on earth is causing this or how to line up the books perfectly to prevent this. I have 5 long boxes and 10 short boxes, and it happens in every single one of them.

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I alternate my comics with every other one facing the opposite direction.

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I have this problem too . First, don't pack them too tight. It's only when there are too many inside the box that the alignment starts putting them out of shape. Second, to line them up I usually turn the box to the side. Most will fall to alignment of not packed too tight. I don't really recommend forcing others to alignment. Just leave a little space is really the easy solution.

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So I tried jloneblackhearts suggestion. I took 2 of my small boxes, then I removed all of the comics. Then I put one right side up, and the next upside down, where both had the comic facing the same way. I did this for both of the boxes. Then I put 2 small pieces of particle board on the outer edge of the box so they can't shift much. They line up much much better and they do not do the stupid out of alignment bend nonsense.

I don't know what the long term effects of this method will be though, but I can't imagine there would be damage.

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