A reliable source for comic bags?

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Hey guys, it looks like this forum doesn't get browsed very often but I'm looking for a good source for comic book bags and boards too I suppose. I bought some BCW current boards from amazon that seem just fine. I also purchased some current size resealable Ultrapro Bags. These things suck.

I get the board in and already the damn bag seems too tight and 1 issue doesn't seem to slide in very easily with out some effort. I never have these problems with the bags & boards that I get with my comics at my LCS. So if there's a good place out there where I can order some bags and boards that fit properly and don't suck I'd be pretty grateful. Thanks.

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@kindredwarr: Don't know. I think that Ultra Pro changed the size of their "current" bags ever so slightly, so finding another retailer might not solve the issue.

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@jsphsmth: Sorry, I didn't mean another retailer that sells Ultrapro, I just meant a place in general or just somewhere that sells good comic book bags. I have an order of the Ultrapro "regular" sized ones to see how they are, but I'm just looking for a reputable source out there for any kind of brand that isn't awful.

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i would check amazon or your local comic book store

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@Superguy0009e: Yeah amazon is where I'm ordering from. All I can find are BCW bags and the things I read about them scare me off.. then again I ordered two bags of UltraPro that end up being too damn small with glowing reviews. The bags at my comic book store are a little over priced, love them for everything else but not this.

#6 Posted by Superguy0009e (2404 posts) - - Show Bio

if you search the bags in google, you may have better luck

#8 Posted by jloneblackheart (6323 posts) - - Show Bio

I haven't had many problems with the UltraPro current size bags. It's a tight fit for thick comics though. I put the board in first.

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@kindredwarr: I use mylar bags from egerber. There aren't many sellers of their products on amazon, unfortunately. I use boards from my LCS as I couldn't tell the difference between which side was treated and which one wasn't with BCW current boards.

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