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Comet Queen is presently starring in the ongoing Legion of Superheroes series since the rebooted DC universe in the new 52.


A teenager from the planet Quaal-III, Grava was starstruck by the Legion and hoped to join by replicating the original powers of Star Boy. Taking her star-ship on an intercept course with the closest comet, Grava jumped through its tail naked and came out mutated with different powers than she had hoped for. This did not detour her and Grava bid her time, and built up some credits, to fly off to Earth and set out to prove herself worthy of Legion membership.


Comet Queen was created by Paul Levitz and Keith Giffen

Character Evolution

Bronze Age

Comet Queen (Bronze Age)

Many years before, Bouncing Boy appeared as part of a good will tour at the Spiral Arm Colony. There, he met a strange alien girl calling herself Comet Queen. Comet Queen wanted to join the Legion of Super-Heroes, but Bouncing Boy had difficulty understanding her unending use of slang terminology. To prove herself worthy of Legionnaire status, Comet Queen took off towards the Lava Seas in search of the mythical remains of the alleged natives of Quaal-III. Bouncing Boy bounced off after her, afraid that the region would be too dangerous for the overzealous girl. He eventually caught up with her, but the two became trapped inside of an active volcano. Bouncing Boy tried to stop her before she hurt herself, but they both ended up stuck in a volcanic vent. Bouncing Boy told Grava to use her powers to emit fumes and short out the vent's circuits. After this incident, Bouncing Boy invited Grava to join the Legion Academy, and she accepted exuberantly, taking the moniker Comet Queen.

Reboot / Earth-247

Comet Queen (Earth-247)

Comet Queen makes two appearances after Zero Hour, she later appeared as a member of the new Legion Academy.


Comet Queen (New Earth)

Though never accepted into the actual Legion ranks, she was a member of the newly recreated Legion of Substitute-Heroes. Pulling together during a time of emergency by Cosmic Boy and Night Girl. Together with her mentors Bouncing Boy and Duo Damsel , also joining the team would be the new Karate Kid. The team would be a loose venture, with Comet Queen also being a staple in the Legion Academy's ranks for several years.

Post 52

After the events of Legion Lost, the Legion found itself severely shorthanded. Seeking to fill ranks, the Legion pulled the entire senior class out of the Legion Academy and brought them into the Legion proper. Comet Queen was one of these inductees, along with Chemical Kid, Dragonwing, Glorith & Harmonia. A current storyline indicates there may be reason to believe she is a stooge of the Dominators.

Major Story Arcs

Bronze Age

Comet Queen Joins Legion Academy

An excited Grava joins the Legion Academy

She soon got a better grip at the use of her unusual powers, even testing her metal on the student body of the academy. Known for her Valley Girl personality and indomitable spirit, Comet Queen became close friends with Super boy descendant Laurel Kent, and Pol Krinn, brother to Cosmic Boy who called himself Magnetic Kid. Comet Queen's smart mouth would at times cause conflict with that same student body, even having a tussle with Lamprey and Nightwind when they came to the defense of Wildfire's cranky attitude. However this did not cause to much of a rift between the two students and Comet Queen, keeping to their ideal of fellowship of the Legion.

Comet Queen fails to make as a Legionnaire

Eat my stardust !

When the Legion had another rare open call for membership, Comet Queen along with the other students from the Academy tried out. Unlike many of her fellow students she would make to the second series of tryouts. During the tryouts the Legion had an opportunity to assist Dev-Em in halting the Dark Circle from plunging the coast of Japan into the Ocean. However Comet Queen was unable to be much of an asset due to her impulsive nature which caused her to be disqualified.

Powers and Abilities

Chemical Secretion

At C-Speed I can fly circles around you!

When Grava flew through the tail of a comet she went through a genetic change, allowing her certain meta-human abilities. She is able to fly at super-speeds while trailing a stream of stellar energy, much like a comet does. She has great skill in flying, showing hairline maneuvering through various obstacles at high speeds. She seems to be able to alter the chemical components of the gaseous trail she leaves behind - with various effects. Already demonstrated are effect include a gas which allows a deep, large cloud covering making it impossible to see through. Another induces drowsiness or even sleep in those who inhale its fumes. Whether she will demonstrate more remains to be seen.


As a member of the Legion Academy all students are allowed use of a legion flight ring, however strict restrictions on their use is enforced. The flight ring allows its wearer through the use of willpower to fly at decent speeds. It also acts as a mini-computer with the capacity for communications and acts a navigational beacon.

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