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Combat Colin tried numberous times to join Action Force (G.I. Joe) but was rebuked everytime. After several attempts he decided to make his own group to fight crime and advertised for partners. Semi-Automatic Steve answered and together they formed Colin's Gang, fighting villians across the world and traveling in space and time.


Combat Colin was created and drawn by Lew Stringer making his debut as a back-up strip in Action Force #5. Combat Colin then moved to Transformers when it merged with Action Force. The Combat Colin comic strip would often parodied the comic book genre.


Colins unique way of fighting crime
Colin and Steve have had other cross-overs in the Marvel universe. Spider-man made several cameo's and Doctor Doom was even the villian for a story. In issue 250 of Transformers, Colin and Steve was refused entry to an Autobot party. They decided to throw a party themselves which several Marvel characters turned up to including Hulk, Thor, The Punisher and Captain America. Combat Colin would often team-up with Guffon City's very own, Brickman.

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