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Columbia is a character of Earth-12591 In Columbia's reality Nazi-Zombies have taken over and the resistance is down to the last four freedom fighter, Columbia, Miss America, Riveter, and Libertas. The four women call themselves the Suffragists.


Columbia was created by Frank Marraffino and Mirco Pierfederici and first appeared in Marvel Zombies Destroy #2 (2012).

Major Story Arc

Marvel Zombies Destroy

When Dum Dum Dugan, Howard the Duck and their team of Ducky's Dozen arrive on Earth-12591 from their home reality of Earth-616 they are quickly attacked by the Nazi-Zombie hordes, lead by a zombie version of the Invaders. Columbia and her team of Suffragists come to the Ducky's Dozen's aide. After a bried battle in which Columbia personally destroy a recently zombifed Red Raven, Columbia and the Suffragists take what remains of the Ducky's Dozen back to their secret staging area. There they fill Dugan and Howard on whats happening but before they can tell Dugan why he is vital to the mission their base is attacked.

Columbia and her group are able to get the Ducky's Dozen, now down to eight, to Professor Zog's train and they escape. On the way to the Nazi-Zombie headquarters Columbia feels something is wrong and when she checks on Zog she is jumping by a zombie version of Valkyrie. The zombie tries to take Taxi Taylor but Columbia stops her. After Taxi is safe, Columbia destroys Valkyrie but is bitten in the process. Instead of becoming a zombie herself Columbia takes her own life by standing on the roof of the train as it goes through a tunnel.


Columbia is an expert swordsman and has better then human strength.

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