Why Is He Bald ?

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@AgeofHurricane: I agree on pretty much everything you said. The Colossus we see here is a great deal more thoughtful than we've seen in some time. I always wonder why it's so difficult for people to write a good Piotr. He's obviously one of the most popular X-men and he's the only brick character that seems to have stuck over the years. How hard is it to write the guy decently?! Glad that Wood is giving him and Storm (Who I grew to dislike over the past year or two) a chance to TOTALLY REDEEM THEMSELVES! Gillien also writes a good Colossus, but AvX has seriously cut into his ability to do his characters justice.

I do hope Colossus sticks around as well. I wonder what his own agenda even is anyway? He seems to be on board with Storm for the time being. Part of me thinks it's going to be Cyttorak related if Scott is really going to space jail.

@Rabbitearsblog: I read an interview with Aaron that said he's going to cut people from the comic and add at least one high profile person. The dopplegangers will also be showing up at the school as well. So I'm rather glad he's not at the school. It's going to get crowded soon.

He's going to cut people from the comic? Who I wonder?

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It makes him look like a cue-ball from pokemon.

Hahaha lovely

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That's the interview in question!

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Bumping for certain reasons.

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