Is Colossus the tallest member of the X-Men?

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I was wondering if Colossus was the tallest member of the X-Men since he is about 6' 7" Is he the tallest or is there another X-Men member who's taller than he is?
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Warpath is taller at 7'2". 
Juggernaut is 6'10' normally and 9'+ as Juggernaut.
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Oh Thanks!!! I've been trying to figure out for the longest time who was the tallest X-Men. I know that Juggernaut is way taller than Colossus, but I didn't know that Warpath was taller than Colossus.
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Colossus is actually 7'5" when armored up, if that applies to anything.

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Colossus was 7'5" but now that he the Juggernaut he might be 10'+.
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Good info to know!

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