Future as Hero or Villian?

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Ok, so Piotr is one of my favorite characters, I'm curious if people who know more about Cyttorak or Cain. Now Piotr hasn't really been in the spotlight unless he's sacrificing himself in one way or another, but we know his morals are higher than most of his other counterparts. Cain really didn't have all that much of a code. He was a bully seemed to be easily manipulated/controlled by the destructive will of his creator.

Piotr seems to be in control of the power for the moment, but I'm curious if Cyttorak can actually over overwhelm Colossus and assume control. Is that a possibility? Also, if Colossus does indeed control this power, while battling with the Extinction Team will his powers be limited to a percentage of what Cain was able to accomplish?

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I don't know much about how the powers of the Cyttorak works, but I don't think that Colossus will be a permanent villain because like you said, Colossus has very high morals and I don't think that he will let the Cyttorak powers control him that long.  However, I do see in the future that Colossus might lose control of the powers and what I'm hoping will happen is that they will try this storyline where Colossus fights within himself to take out the evil of the Cyttorak powers and be able to keep the powers, but somehow neutralizes the evil in the Cyttorak powers so he could use it for good.  Just wishful thinking.

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