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Colonel Hammersmith was once stationed at Fort Charlotte in Lynchburg, Virginia where he eventually met Jonah Hex. Jonah intended to surrender only himself because he felt guilty for what he had done to General Stonewall Jackson. Jonah had accidently shot the man he respected because Jonah mistook the general as a Union soldier who was trying to surprise him.  
Hammersmith accepted Jonah's surrender but first he wanted to make Jonah suffer. Hammersmith noticed the mud on Jonah's boots and on the hooves of Jonah's horse. Hammersmith figured that the rest of Jonah's platoon was hiding in the swamps nearby a plateau. Jonah's platoon was captured and brought to the fort so they could confront their supposed turncoat. Everyone in Jonah's platoon deemed him a traitor after Hammersmith thanked Jonah for his cooperation. The only person who believed in Jonah's sincerity was Jebediah Turnbull.  
Jonah reacts quickly by grabbing a Union soldier's pistol and begins to shoot at the fort's munitions supply. Explosions were coming from all corners of the fort. Jonah tells Jeb to lead the men out of the fort but Jeb is cut down by Hammersmith's mini gun. Jonah wounds Hammersmith by shooting him in the shoulder. Jonah grabs Jeb's body and escapes with a handful of his platoon. After their grand escape, Jonah's platoon begin to shoot at Jonah. Jonah drops Jeb's body and escapes by heading into the swamps. 
Jonah's platoon returned Jeb's lifeless body to his father, Quentin Turnbull. They told Turnbull about Jonah's treachery and Turnbull swore that Jonah would suffer for the death of his son. As for Hammersmith, he was sent to Gotham City where he met Doctor DuPree and joined the Religion of Crime.             

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