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Seemingly the living embodiment of the 'Captain Computron' Toy company, Colonel Computron simply appeared upon the scene one day, seeking vengeance against Willard Wiggins, the company's president. During his first attempt, Computron projected the Flash in a giant oversized video game. The primary suspects were the disgruntled employee who invented the toy, Basil Nurblin, and his wife Francine and daughter Luna. The Flash escaped but so did Computron. He returned again, but instead of being opposed by Flash, he encountered Captain Boomerang, who owed Wiggins. Colonel Computron escaped once more and remains free to this day.

Colonel Computron later resurfaced working for international crime cartel Les Mille Yeux (The Thousand Eyes), capturing Starman and an experimental transmutation machine. After Phantom Lady and Rampage freed Starman and defeated Colonel Computron, they learned that Basil had been the original Computron, then Luna put on the suit when Les Mille Yeux came hiring.

Modern Era

Black marketeer Blacksmith used robotic “Computron” units to guard the Network. A Computron has appeared, working with the Rainbow Raiders, in the guise of a floating head with destructive eye-beams. The face appears male, but it is not clear whether this is Basil Nurblin or someone new using the identity.

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