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Bruce Wayne's parents were both spies who were assassinated by by the Green Skull's HYDRA agents. After law school, Bruce joined SHIELD and quickly became Nick Fury's right hand man. Quick and determined, Wayne turned SHIELD into his own private army to make the Skull pay the price for killing his parents.

Powers and Abilities

Bruce has trained himself to the peak of human condition. When he was recruited to SHIELD, he trained even harder to be a master strategist, an exceptional fighter of hand-to-hand combatant, martial artist, and having access to hi-tech weapons and gadgetry from Stark Labs only makes him that much more of an effective soldier and diplomat.


While Batman is amalgamated as the Amalgam character Dark Claw, Bruce Wayne is a stand alone character in this book. It's commonly suggested that this version of Bruce Wayne is an amalgamation of Bruce Wayne and Nick Fury but this can not be the case as Nick Fury plays a role in this book and the amalgam universe.

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