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Mort and Phil is a humorous cartoon series created and developed by the Spanish author Francisco Ibáñez from 1958, the most popular of his, and probably the entire environment in Spain. Usually attached to school Bruguera, also has enjoyed a multitude of adaptations to other media.

The series was born with the name of Mort and Phil, reporting agency, based on comic fiction and detective stories 1 to 4 pages. From the beginning the main characters were defined: Philemon is an angry man of fur and is the boss and Mort is a tall, bald, with no common sense and ability to disguise anything. In 1969 admitted to the ranks of the TIA, a secret agency desatrosa allowing them to parody spy stories and join the roster of characters fixed the despotic superintentende (or "Super") of the organization and scientific catastrophic Professor Bacterio, also began to appear long adventures páginas.1 44 times in any of the series features extremely slapstick for its humor, so that the characters constantly suffer mishaps such as falls from heights, explosions, crushed by all sorts of heavy objects (pianos , safes, etc..) without the implications of these suelan last more than a bullet.

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