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303318 Shiryu Character Overview I noticed that Fire control and Ice control were listed as powers. I also remember moderator @pikahyper telling me that Comic Vine only goes by comic feats, even when video game characters are concerned. So, because we are counting two powers Cole only has in the video games, he should also have Gravity control, Flight, and Teleport. He becomes able to fly in the good karma ending of inFamous 2 and in the bad karma ending, he becomes the Beast. The Beast has Gravity control and Teleport. 12/15/13 04:10PM 7 Approved
167434 Shiryu Character Overview In the first inFamous video game it was explained that the electricity coursing through Cole's veins enhanced his strength. He is stronger than the average person. 07/29/13 03:13PM 3 Approved

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