What should be Cole MacGrath's code name?

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If Alex Mercer is Zeus, what about him?

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Venom....oh wait....

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infamous or hero

#4 Posted by ADAMocracy (132 posts) - - Show Bio

whether good or evil, inFamous

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@MonsterObsessor: Zeus would be a better codename for Cole. 
#6 Posted by Aeroman (505 posts) - - Show Bio

well in the game he was known as electric man

#7 Posted by Mr. Dead Pool (2625 posts) - - Show Bio
True. The only other things he was called in the game that I remember were Light Bulb Man and Electric Man both of those aren't very good(well Electric Man does sound better). But If he had to have one I'd say either Zeus like you said(I actually called him that while playing around the city) or maybe Thunder Man
#8 Posted by azza04 (1503 posts) - - Show Bio
@Mr. Dead Pool: Can't wait for Infamous 2! Infamous and Arkham Asylum were my favourite games of 2009. Wasn't to crazy on Prototype but it had its moments. 
#9 Posted by _Torchbearer_ (1731 posts) - - Show Bio

Going by the "thunder god" theme, maybe Jupiter or Tinia (Roman and Etruscan variants of Zeus, respectively).

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@azza04:Yeah!!! I already pre ordered it at gamestop! Only 25 days left!!. 
@Iron_Turtle: To japanese. Unless he's using a katana I don't see it working.
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Evil Cole: Blackout/EMP Good Cole: Electrolyte/The Ohm or for good and bad I was thinking The Ion because ions can be positively or negatively charged aha

#13 Posted by Noctis (1396 posts) - - Show Bio
@azza04: Agreed
#14 Posted by Noctis (1396 posts) - - Show Bio

I was thinking Lightningfinger 

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whats wrong with infamous?

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Well, everyone call's him 'The Electric Man' which sounds pretty good.  
But if we're going for something with more of a superhero feel to it, I'd say his code name should be 'Voltage' 

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they also call him the demon of new marias.

#18 Posted by josephidus (3 posts) - - Show Bio

They called him the demon of empire city
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#20 Posted by venomyak (1443 posts) - - Show Bio

around my house i call him cole the human taser
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White Lightning. Like Black Lightning, except white. -____-

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@ZacCooper: Nice! I like those ideas

#23 Posted by ADAMocracy (132 posts) - - Show Bio

@BlackArmor: Dude epic with the spoiler alert then the name, that was BAMF

Im okay with Ion, Infamous, Voltage, and if he's evil, The Beast

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#25 Posted by Hyperlight (5930 posts) - - Show Bio

@ZacCooper: i like most of these

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If Alex Mercer is Zeus, what about him?

Maybe Thor or Raijin would work.

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The Electric Vibrator

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What about electric vampire? You know, aside from that spinoff game, he sucks out blood electricity

And hey, I'm new to the forums, this place looks great

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I'm gonna go with Volt. Goes well with "Amp", his Tool of Destruction. Hehe, Ratchet and Clank reference. Anyhoo, the unit of electricity flies well, and Watt just doesn't have the zing it needs.

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