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 Cole Blaquesmith life was a almost peaceful, he was a fisherman & a prize fighter. Cole has fallen for Fiona a young teacher where they live, she saw a gentle side to Cole others did not and taught him to read and write, .The two start seeing each other and as they finally fall in love Fiona becomes ill. Cole in his madness turns to the only man he believes can save her. A sinister scientist who watches over those below with a dangerous eye. Dr Absinthe offers Cole a chance, but in order to save her he must give himself up to the test first, Coles heart and right arm are removed and replaced with a steel arm and a coal furnace  . Cole awakens to a new world a world he helped create. A darker world then he could have imagined. It is now a hundred years in the future and Dr Absinthe is now lord Absinthe and Fiona is dead, Cole becomes an unwilling hero, his memory is almost all but gone, but he still fights for what he knows is right.

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