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Brief History

Wanxia (Test Subject: GZ-11.5(f); Code Name: Coldmoon) and Zaoxing (Test Subject: GZ-11.5(m); Code Name: Dragonfire) were both born on the same second of the same minute of the same hour of the same day. They were both grown up to be weapons, has they were created and carried in a mechanical womb Having them both being cared for (separately) by Bao, a nurse as an employee of Taiji Corp. Each child was was told that their respective sibling was dead. They grew up under Taiji Corp care for nearly 16 years, until, she started to feel another presence, then soon.... they fount out the truth! Soon after they united, they gave out an enormous shock of energy, which killed Bao.

Later on they came together, and then helped the Avengers to conquer the robots made and developed by AIM.


Wanxia is able to manipulate, control and create ice. The extents and the limits to her powers are yet to be known. Her powers generate out of her hands.

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