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In 1986, William Clausen and Mike Kelley ( Both had met in Mar Vista's art class ) got together to do a Sci-Fi story called "Lord of the Waterworld" ( To be finally released in an upcoming issue of "Short Stories and Tall Tales" ( Liquid Star ))...They Took the story over to Blackthorne ( Through an introduction by Shel Dorf )...The story was rejected, but they sold " The Cold Blooded Chameleon Commandos " as a series.

Issue #1...The Commandos are wrapping up a mission...and flash back to how it all started ....happy test subjects under the gentle care of Dr. Poindexter...then the men in dark suits show up with a briefcase of cash...then they were happy genetic test subjects...then trainees in military combat and teamwork....The men on dark suits angry Poindexter throws them out, and returns that night to free the CBCC...before he can succeed, he is aprehended by masked men.

The next day they are under Dr. Wurmhauser's care...he tells them that Dr. Poindexter has been captured by terrorists, and that they need to work extra hard to get him well as up their dosage of genetic mutation fluid...Rivit develops super strength, Nerves-Heightened sense of Danger/Lightning reflexes, Sarge-Tactical mind, Radion-Shape shifting/Camouflage.

The CBCC are told that Dr. P. is being held with 2 Ambassadors by jungle terrorists...on the way, they foil a hijacking...they reach the fortress, scale the walls, take out the guards, find the ambassadors, but no Poindexter...Defeats Ratcargo's goons...and return home.







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