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From the moment he came online, Cohrada has never been a team player. He simply does not have a patient circuit in his entire body. He believes that any Maximal not charging into battle instantly at the sight of the enemy is a coward. Even working under the leadership of Big Convoy never changed his belief. The best you can do is to make Cohrada's impulsiveness a part of any strategy and hope for the best. Following Meagmatron's defeat at the hands of Big Convoy, COhrada decided to become an independent agent for hire rather than operate under the restrictive, peactime, structure of the Maximal government.

Cohrada as a gun emplacement manned by another Transformer
Weapons and Abilities
Cohrada's unsual beast mode allows him to reach places most of his comrades cannot. His facorite tactic is slithering between his enemy's feet before transforming into roboto mode and attacking them from behind. His right arm is a large electrostactic whip which can knock enemies unconcious with one strike. His left arm has a machine gun mounted on it that fires 600 rounds per minute. Cohrada's third mode is a gun emplacement that can be manned by other transformers.


His impatient and condescending demeanor often leaves his comrades reluctant to come to his aid when he needs it.

Beast Form

Cohrada possesses the beast form of a cobra!

Cohrada beast form

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