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When the CIA comes across a deadly secret in South American jungles, they call in Codename: Spitfire to investigate. But what Jenny discovers could mean the end of life on this planet as we know it.

Note: Spitfire's adventures continue in The Pitt 1-Shot and DP 7 #23.


After a special agent investigating Saxon St. John disappears, Project: Spitfire is called in to deal with the problem. As St. John is a member of the Club, and is believed to be performing experiments in cybernetics, his actions were proving to be a threat to United States national security, especially since they were taking place on a small island only ninety miles off the coast of Miami.

Meeting up with special roboticist Willy Deere, Edmund Roth and Jenny Swensen procured a special new M.A.X. prototype, the Mark 4, to be used on a mission to stop the mad Saxon's experiments. Though less versatile than the other suits, this version was much more smaller and agile, able to be used on more secretive missions.

Soon after, Jenny and Willy headed of to Puerto Rojo, and were assaulted by an armored local soon after their arrival. Once they beat the thug, the duo discovered that the man was, in fact, a cyborg, controlling the armor via some sort of neural interface on the back of his neck. They also discovered that the man had apparently been brainwashed, having no recollection of how he'd gotten there.

Learning what they could from the man, Jenny and Willy let the cyborg go, though they put a homing beacon on him first. Following the signal, the two American operatives found the place, an ancient castle overlooking the ocean. After getting some intelligence from the locals at a nearby town, the two set out for the place in earnest.

Breaking into Saxon's laboratory, the two techies found out the scope of the madman's cybernetic experiments: he was building interfaces so people could cybernetically operate his robots from any distance by remote control! Finding the result of this ultimate experiment, the agent whose disappearance ultimately prompted this mission, the duo was interrupted suddenly by Saxon!

After gloating for a minute or so, Saxon sicced two of his new cyborgs on Jenny, who was hard pressed to defeat the two of them all by herself. She totally flattened one, and managed to snap the other out of his brainwashing (the one she'd fought earlier, upon arriving in Puerto Rojo). And, because of that, Saxon shot the man dead.

However, before Saxon could eliminate Jenny and Willy, that kidnapped agent stuck out and killed Saxon, using the last of her strength to operate her new robotic body before dying in order to do so. Enraged about all this, Jenny destroyed all the Synergy cyborg information that Saxon had developed on the island, and left in a rage.

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