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Jenny tests the limits of her new M.A.X. unit with explosive results. Plus, a voice from the past could affect Spitfire's future.


After the harrowing experiences of the last few months, Project: Spitfire managed to wind down for a bit, allowing the team to make some serious repairs and necessary upgrades to the Mark 3 M.A.X. suit. Once this was done, and everybody had recovered from their injuries in Nicaragua, Jenny began to test out the suit again, training in its use even further.

Of course, things started out all too easy, but Jen was eventually flattened when Roth upped the ante, making several attacks that she simply couldn't counter. This was due to her ingrained 2-D sense of combat thinking, which was starting to hamper her aerial combat ability to some extent, though she was trying real hard to get over this limitation.

While reflecting on this, Jenny found a disk of her father's, a disk that held an almost intelligent program on it -- a disk containing a digitized copy of his personality! She was interrogating the program when she was called into action, after some madman arms dealer broke into an Air Force base and stole an experimental aircraft: the F-19A Quicksilver figher-bomber.

Since it was too fast for conventional fighters to deal with, Roth decided that the Spitfire suit had to do the job, and he had it armed with several experimental systems, such as the Piggyback jet thruster and the strap-on wrist-rocket brace. When all the new weapons were added in, Jenny rocketed into action, flying out after the aircraft thief before he could escape the country.

Flying at speeds four times the speed of sound, Jenny caught up to the thief, one Evan Reinger. She began to attack him at once, but her suit was seized up by that A.I. of her father's personality, who was attacking the suit from the Project: Spitfire mainframe. As a pacifist and hater of the military, the senior Swensen did all he could to stop Jenny from using his suit in battle.

Jenny ultimately figured out what was happening, and had Miss Pollicino pull the disk with the program out of the computer, thus allowing her to destroy the Quicksilver before Reinger could escape with it. Returning to base, she talked to the program for a time before deleting it, finally making her peace with her choice to use the M.A.X. technology for the government, despite her father's wishes for it.

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