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Spitfire gets a new look. Will Jenny's new and more powerful armor have enough firepower to save the life of a friend who has fallen into the hands of the enemy.


After formally joining Project: Spitfire, the team was sent down to Nicaragua, as there were increasing reports of M.A.X. technology appearing in the area. Landing in the small Central American nation, Jake Travest and Jenny Swensen (the latter in the new, Mark 3 M.A.X. suit) made for a local rebel base camp, a camp supposedly holding somebody they needed to liberate (who also had info they needed).

Finding the camp, Jenny neutralized the electric fence with her electrical absorbers, and Jake started taking out sentries. Once discovered, Jenny pulled out all the stops, and began totalling the still-grounded helicopters. Jake continued to gun down the local troops, until he got shot down by a vastly superior number of enemies.

Jenny, on the other hand, fell victim to some sort of electronic scrambler, a device that threw off her control of the M.A.X. suit until several soldiers could nail her with a rocket launcher. Starting on fire, she made for the ocean as soon as possible, in order to put the fire out before she wsa burned alive. Of course, she had to leave Jake behind in order to do so.

After the Project recovered her and the armor, they proceeded to repair both, Jenny requiring surgery and the Mark 3 needing severe repairs. Both were made within a day or so, though Jake was being tortured for information all the while. Knowing this, Jenny made back for the enemy camp as soon as she physically could, despite her being ordered not to by Roth.

Barreling into the camp, this time with desperate purpose, Jenny blasted the place to pieces until she found poor, wounded Jake. Collecting his broken body, she then flew out of there, leaving the apparently M.A.X.-less revolutionaries to their own devices, having saved the one life she really cared about of late (that being Jake).

Even if she wasn't completely sure of his sanity...

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