kfhrfdu_89_76k's Cocco Bill #1 - Mezzo Secolo di Risate Western review

I use to watch the tv-show.

I didn`t find out until later, that it`s based on a comic. I was intrigued, and knew that when I would find one of the Cocco Bill book somewhere, I would read it. I found one at my local library, read it, and reviewed it. This is that review. So, take a sip of chamomillatea, and start reading.

What I like.

The drawings by Benito Jacovitti are made in surreal style, which is pretty cool. The proportions of the characters keep consistent trough the story, even if they wouldn`t have to, since surrealisms nature is to look weird. The acting of the characters is alive, and you can find many random things in the background (those infamous salamis, for example).

There happens alot in one story. One reason why, is that there is no splash pages, there are ten or more panels (sometimes less) in every page, and the straightforwardness of the plots.

Even if this books humor is better suited for younger readers, I chuckled a few times myself. Or more than few.

The characters are colorful to say the least.

The plots are practically old time westerns.

There`s a nice foreword in this.

What I don`t like.

Jacovitti likes to repeat some of his jokes. It`s just a tiny nuisance though.

But when he repeats some of the plot devices too, it`s worse. Cocco Bill teams up with 2 groups of people who have been under the power of tyrants, in this one. Hey...that`s not all that much of repetition. Well, maybe it`s not that bad, then.

The plots are predictable, and something I`ve seen dozens of times already, and probably were that during the time Jacovitti made these. It took me a while to read this, because I couldn`t concentrate in reading it more than a few pages at a time.

One of the reasons is the confounding number of panels. There are simply too many. Reading a book that has about 120 pages of comics, that has a thousand panels or so, is really tiring. I can understand why this is though. Originally, these comics were published one page at a time. Or maybe two. I don`t know. If you read one page every day or week, it doesn`t feel nearly as exhausting.

To conclude...

I recommend this to young readers (even if there are deaths in this one, there`s no blood shown), Jacovitti-enthusiastics, readers of comics, fans of westerns and whoever.

Posted by The Poet

never really cared much for westerns myself...


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