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Laurel Lakeland is a rich millionaire's heiress, living together with her lesbian lover and driver Clarice in Indigo City. She adopted the costumed alter-ego of the Cobweb in order to fight crime. Her motivation was boredom and a yearning for thrills. She has no apparent super-powers and battles criminals merely with her wits, fists, and feminine allure.


The Cobweb was created by Moore and Gebbie in 1999 as an eroticized homage to the classic Golden Age heroine, Phantom Lady. Her stories are mostly vehicles for Gebbie's feminist erotica writing style, as well as an opportunity for her to do stories in multiple styles, regardless of any sense of continuity, even going so far as to take place in different time periods. Nevertheless, a recent pair of ABC specials have attempted to flesh out the origin of Cobweb and Clarice, as well as to explain their often-changing stories.

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