A Message From Cobra Special Forces & Cobra on Kickstarter

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G.I. Joe: Retaliation is close to debuting in theaters. We've seen a few trailers and plenty of clips but it appears that COBRA is ready for a revolution.

In fact, they are proclaiming that it has already begun.

We've recently seen the more friendly recruitment videos but it appears COBRA is taking a new approach in the latest message that reached our inbox.

You can see they are no longer taking such a friendly approach to get their message across.

== TEASER ==

Where things get a little confusing is today, Cobra Commander himself issued his own statement. A statement asking for money...through Kickstarter...so he could build a new Cobra Island. COBRA claims to be a non-profit organization. Their base of operations was destroyed by G.I. Joe. That's not cool.

You can visit the Kickstarter page HERE. The video on that page isn't embeddable but it is on youtube:

G.I. Joe: Retaliation opens in theaters on March 28.

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You should check out the other non-clone Cobra Commander


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LMAO!!! I want a Kickstart Cobra! xP

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Pffff Cobra Commander doesn't ask for money. He takes it.

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@CitizenJP said:

Pffff Cobra Commander doesn't ask for money. He takes it.


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This is brilliant! !!!! Hahahaha!

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Back to CC's roots as a salesman when Cobra started as a pyramid scheme. I love it!

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Cobra Commander for president 2016!

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Wait... Why Can't I give Cobra money? Why is the Kickstart not LIVE? I want the freakin sticker!!! Must be only for play, not for show.

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Niice...! this was pretty cool.

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