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Little is known about Cobra, although it is apparent that both Mirage and Kurt Kilgore both have had run-ins with him in the past.


Cobra was created by Haunt writer Robert Kirkman and penciller Ryan Ottley. He was first introduced in Haunt #2.

Major Story Arcs

After his first transformation into Haunt, Daniel Kilgore wanders the streets of New York, speaking with his deceased brother, and eventually finds himself in the church where he worked for years. He decides to have a word with Father Pearson, but instead stumbles in on his remains. Cobra reveals his presence, asking Daniel where he was last night. A fight ensues with Cobra confused as Haunt babbles to himself. Cobra escapes after Haunt slips in blood. After he leaves the church he runs into Mirage who holds a gun to him demanding to know who had Kurt killed. Cobra insists he doesn't know and Mirage leaves him behind.

When Amanda is taken hostage and rescued by Haunt, Cobra gets the drop on him. Haunt slowly grows weaker as he realizes his powers are draining. Cobra realizing this leaps for the kill when a tendril from Haunt slices through the front of his face, just as Haunt collapses. Cobra, bleeding excessively is forced to flee.

Hurg's doctors work to reconstruct Cobra's face but when the bandages are removed a lengthy, curved scar is etched across it.

Enraged by his disfigurement and the hands of Haunt, Cobra readies himself for vengeance. But Hurg reminds him through force that Cobra works for him and Hurg decides when and where Cobra acts.

Cobra, either by means of his own or Hurg's doing, attacks Haunt on top of a plane as it is taking off. The two fight and Haunt is kicked off the plane. As Cobra watches him fall, torn between letting him die and following orders, leaps after him, catching Haunt and deploying his parachute, getting the two safely to the ground where he calls Hurg's people for a pick up.

As Daniel is tortured for information, Cobra demands that Hurg give him the right to kill Daniel for bringing him in. Hurg glares at Cobra, silencing him.

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