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Vipers are the basic infantry soldiers of Cobra. Fearsomely motivated and awesomely equipped with body armor, helmets with integrated communications and night-sighting devices, and assault rifles/grenade launcher weapons capable of precision long-range fire or sustained-burst suppressive functions. They are subjected to tough, brutal training to make them the equal or better of any nation's troops, and they accept the harsh conditions willingly, because becoming a Viper is the "entry-level" position in Cobra. Success and survival can take you all the way to Cobra Commander's inner circle, and Cobra doesn't reward success with parades and medals.

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Cobra Viper

Vipers are the elite fighting force of the highly secretive terrorist organization known as Cobra. Not much is known about the training regime that potential soldiers go through, only that few survive the experience. Skullbuster takes many candidates into the field, but few return from the grueling ordeal. Big Boa maintains a Viper’s training at Cobra’s secret base in .

The fighting prowess of the average Viper has yet to be fully gauged. However, Snake-Eyes, G.I. Joe’s martial arts expert, barely survived his first encounter with a single Viper solider.

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