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The Cobra Mamba is Cobra's primary attack helicopter.  Another breakthrough of the Serpentor regime, the Mamba is quite literally a three-fanged bit.  With side-mounted detachable flight pods, a beavy of missiles and its distinct low profile design, this helicopter is capable of fending off almost any attacking aircraft.  While the logistics of having the crew trapped in unstable pods tends to keep away many volunteers for missions, the pilot enjoys the relative security of a medium-armored, heavily armed flying weapons platform.  A properly functioning Mamba is a devastating opponent.

It weighs 8.6 tons and has a top speed of 210 MPH with a fully loaded range of 450 miles.  Originally it was armed with 6 laser-seeking anti-tank missiles and 6 x .50 machine guns with 1,000 rounds of ammunition each.  This configuration later changed to 4 x 9mm rapid rate-of-fire machine guns with 1,000 rounds each and 2 laser-guided anti-tank missiles and 5 supersonic air-to-air missiles.

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