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Clytemnestra was a genious-level phycist who was helping Tony Stark recover from alcoholism and bankruptcy. She, her brother Morley, and Stark called themselves Circuits Maximus and provided the technical support for Iron Man/Jim Rhodes. She studied the technology in Iron Man's armor and was able to both repair and upgrade it. She secretly fell for Tony. However Circuits Maximus was eventually bombed by Obadiah Stane. Morley was killed, Clytemnestra injured while Tony went on to defeat Stane and claim his former company.

Left behind and feeling betrayed, Clytemnestra's affection for Tony turned to hatred. She allied with AIM in trying to get revenge on Tony. She gave them information on the Iron Man armor. In exchange she wanted Stark assassinated. However the AIM operatives assigned the task failed. She was killed in a battle between Iron Man and AIM.

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