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Clyde Mardon was a gifted scientist, working on a wand that could change the weather. One day his brother, Mark, escaped from prison and came to Clyde for help. Clyde would not help him, and started to call the police to take Mark back to jail. Mark panicked, and grabbed Clyde's newly constructed weather wand. He then hit Clyde with a bolt of lightning. Mark went on to become the Weather Wizard . He always claimed that he found  Clyde dead from a heart attack. With one exception. He told his story to Captain Cold . While fighting Libra , Weather Wizard said that he killed the one person who ever cared for him. 

The New 52 

T wo years previously, Weather Wizard's brother (now called Claudio) was left in charge of the family empire in Central City. He attempts to call his brother because he admits he's in trouble, only to be gunned down whilst still on the phone. 
It is eventually revealed that Claudio's wife Elsa had him murdered because he was running the Mardon empire into the ground. Weather Wizard goes berzerk and tries to take both their lives via drawing lightning to his location, but he survives whereas Elsa doesn't.

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