kfhrfdu_89_76k's Clumsy #1 - Clumsy review

A clumsy review.

Well, this is my 38. CV-review already. Cool.

What I like.

The art is very simple, scetchy and nice.

It`s a purple & white-comic.

The combination of the art and words is so simple, actually, that you can read it fairly quickly. Or at least, it feels like that. This is usually a sign of great storytelling, and it isn`t any different in this books case.

It`s very crudely and cutely realistic. I like that, because it`s honest. That`s the dominate reason as to why I like auto-biographies (This is an auto biography, right? It sure feels like one.). That`s the dominate reason to almost anyone to like auto-biographies.

This has alot of sex. There are complete strips dedicated to sex. But porn it isn`t. It There isn`t any pretending in it. But, if all that sex stops you from reading it, that`s too bad. Actually, it`s more than that. It`s a darn shame.

Every story in this book is just a few pages. Each has 6 panels. There`s 224 comic-pages in this. That`s ALOT of story.

It`s a pocket book. Pocket books are really nice.

The writing is sad and humorous, and it never feels pushed.

The characters are enjoyable. Jeff is a sad person (or maybe not that much, I don`t know), who apologises alot. Sometimes when it`s not necessary. Theresa is a bit mean, fragile and happy person.

What I don`t like.

At some points of the story it`s not clear, when something has happened. There`s not too many of those parts, though.

It`s repetitive. It doesn`t hurt the story, because it`s not too repetitive.

What I think you should do about it.

Buy it! If you`re not sure, loan it, and give it a go.


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