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Out of all of the Homelands in Fables, the Cloud Kingdom is unique. Every other place is a world to itself, only linking to other worlds via magic gateways, but the Cloud Kingdom is simultaneously in and over every world at once (since each world has a sky). The only way to go up to the Cloud Kingdom is through the use of a magic beanstalk, something Jack Horner discovered many centuries ago. However, the magic beans which grow a beanstalk are very rare and, fortunately, all remaining beans were in the hands of the Fables

Bigby Wolf had a beanstalk planted on the outskirts of the Farm when he was planning an invasion of the Homelands to battle the Adversary. Sending Cinderella up as an emissary to try and gain an alliance, Bigby began to create his battle plan. Once the allegiance was set and the troops trained, Bigby had one of the giants of the Cloud Kingdom dig a hole through the clouds above the Imperial Homeworld, planting a beanstalk as soon as he landed for a retreat plan. The plan was a success and the Fables were victorious against the Adversary. 

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